For so many of us, COVID-19 has disrupted how we work, socialise, exercise, eat and seek comfort. And many of us have found it hard to successfully change multiple habits at once.

New routines start then become abandoned. Others fail to get going, no matter how logical or appropriate they seem. Perhaps a change in one area creates a new problem in another. Or an obvious solution remains out of reach because everyone else had the same idea and cleared supplies from the stores. And maybe, just maybe, you've found an unexpected joy or breakthrough.

While it can feel like these experiences are a distraction from what really matters, they can also be a rich source of learning about how we change long standing behaviours. What do you notice? What helps? What gets in the way?

Because many of our clients have been going through the equivalent of a one person pandemic all along, only without the jokes about banana bread on Twitter and Instagram to keep them company.

Anyone who is on a Corrections or Child Protection order, diagnosed with a chronic illness, struggling with substance misuse - so many of the challenges our clients face require multiple changes to multiple areas of their lives.

They may be expected to give up several habits that have soothed them, got them through tough times. And at the same time form another set of new habits all at once and without mistake or there will be consequences - breach of an order, physical pain, deterioration of a condition, damaged relationships, trauma, financial distress.

The pandemic has amplified normal human struggles with behaviour change on a mass scale. So when we sit back and look at the patterns, what can we learn that might help us to better support our clients through their own private pandemic?