Register for the two day online workshop on 28 July & 4 August 2022


While MI offers practical and accessible skills to try from the outset, the approach takes time and practice to make the most of its potential to help us have more meaningful and productive conversations about change. This workshop is for people who have completed a two day Foundation Skills course in Motivational Interviewing or equivalent and now want to deepen and integrate MI skills more effectively into their practice.

The workshop is highly intreactive, using discussion, skills practice, guided conversation, observation and coaching, with less lecture-based learning than the Foundation Skills and more practical application. The learning objectives include:

  • Refresh and deepen understanding of the MI framework
  • Deepen capacity to guide change conversations within a client-centred approach
  • Extend core skills, such as the skilful use of complex reflections and open questions within change conversations
  • Apply MI skills across the four processes of change conversations: Engage, Focus, Evoke and Plan
  • Working with challenging presentations, values and change talk
  • Develop strategies to monitor our use of the skills and continue to develop after the workshop is over.

As this workshop has been developed to deepen existing understanding of MI, it is important that all participants have prior training in MI, preferably the equivalent of at least a 2 day foundation skills course. If you have any questions about whether your prior exposure to MI is sufficient, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The workshop will be held online via Zoom, providing break out rooms for small group discussion and skills practice. Workshop numbers will be limited to 16 to create a comfortable and personalised learning environment. It is important to have a stable internext connection and be able to connect by both video and audio for the two days. 

Workshop details

Dates: Thursday 28 July & 4 August 2022

Times: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Location: Online via Zoom


  • $660 (inc GST) for professionals in the not for profit, community and government sectors (subsidised fee)
  • $990 (inc GST) for professionals in the corporate and commercial sector (full fee)

All registrations include a non refundable fee of $100 up to 7 days of the workshop commencement. Workshop registrations are not refundable within 7 days of the workshop commencement.